Compliance “I Respect Program”:

I: Integrity
R: Responsability
E: Eficiency
S: Solidarity
P: Positivity
E: Eficacy
C: Compliance
T: Trust


Our Core values

The Respect that we earn from our stakeholders is one of our most precious assets. It is based on our commitment to act with honesty, integrity, responsability, eficiency, positivity, solidarity, eficacy and trust for laws and regulations. This is what we refer to as compliance. Compliance is the foundation of how we do business in all our companies, is part of ours employees and collaborators and a non-negotiable requirement for everything we do.

Our Compliance framework

We are proud of our core values which are displayed in our Code of Conduct accessible under the tab “Compliance – Code of Business Conduct”.

This Code sets our Compliance founding principles, values and best practices. It constitutes the key set of internal rules at Pharmed Enterprises LLC. It is complemented by a series of policies and other internal processes which aim at embedding Compliance in all our daily undertakings.

If you have any question on our Code of Conduct or on the above please contact our Legal and Compliance Department under this email